Mindz Brainplay is the only provider in the world taking neuroscience to the schools,  the boardroom, the mall, the pubs and even your loungeroom!

Our expert communicators explain the electrical signals coming from your brain using a variety of EEG (electroencephalograph) headsets. These signals are  generated by the billions of neurons inside your head. In an experience, corporate or school presentation you:

⇒ See your neurons fire in real time
⇒ Use your thoughts to control objects on a screen
⇒ Play games against friends using your mind to score points
⇒ Test your meditation skills
⇒ Discover the best brain states for work, exams, learning or sport
⇒ Learn how to get to those states
⇒ Learn about  your brain, discover its possibilities and have fun!

It’s a completely safe, educational and fascinating journey into the brain, brain health, neuron communication and the possible future of a brain-controlled world. 

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Taking neuroscience to the street