NSW Stage 6 Biology

Year 12 Biology: Infectious and non-infectious disease.

Our popular ‘Brain Power’ presentation has been tweaked to not only give students the full EEG Mind Control experience, but focus on infectious and non-infectious diseases of the brain.

The infectious component will look at the latest research into both meningitis and Toxoplasmosis. The possibility of zoonotic disease always captivates students and what toxo does to the human brain is incredible.

The non-infectious component will look at both Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy. This will include both the causes and new technologies to treat the conditions.

A smaller section is dedicated to the brainwaves that aid information retention and release – vital for students doing the HSC. If our indoor drone is still in one piece after other sessions that day, we conclude with finding a student who can fly it with their brain. The entire session is 90 minutes.

Outcome Points
BIO 12-14: Analyses infectious disease in terms of cause, transmission, management and the organism’s response, including the human immune system:
BIO 12-15: Explains non-infectious disease and disorders and a range of technologies and methods used to assist, control, prevent and treat non-infectious disease:

Group size: Up to 60 students
Number of students actively involved: 8-10 students as ‘demonstrators’
Session length: 90 minutes
Space required: large presentation area
Equipment required: Data projector and large screen TV, proximity to power points
What we provide: EEG equipment, laptops, drone (if still in one piece)
Full Session Outline: Click HERE
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