NSW STAGE 6 Investigating science


Fact or Fallacy is strictly for Investigating Science Students.

Click here for available term 2 dates
The dates available in term 2 are:
May 23, 29, 30
June 3, 4, 11, 14, 17, 18, 21, 24, 25, 28
July 1, 2

Fact or Fallacy  Students will conduct a series of mind-based EEG experiments to prove Fact or Fallacy on several common beliefs. A common belief is that lying down helps a person relax and creates ‘Theta’ brainwaves. Another belief is that heavy metal music creates ‘Beta or Gamma’ waves and cannot help a person relax. The session investigates these beliefs using our EEG headsets to see if they fit into the areas of Fact or Fallacy.

This investigation is different to the ‘Working Scientifically‘ session in that students don’t design their investigation. All guidance is supplied. For the full session outline, click HERE.

Group size: Up to 20 students
$480 for a single session
Session length:
120 minutes
Space required: L
arge presentation area or classroom
Equipment required:
Data projector and large screen TV, proximity to power points
What we provide:
EEG equipment, laptops, research stimuli, worksheets

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