The Noggin

Due to covid-19, our incursions into Australian schools have been put on hold. State education authorities have stopped non-essentials from entering schools and some schools have taken their own harsher steps to stop transmission. This is understandable.  However, it also means that students are missing out on stimulating external education sessions.

The Noggin will be a 12-part video series on the brain for school students in Australia. A crowdfunding campaign began on 28th August 2020 to raise funds to produce the series which will have different episodes targeting grades from K-12.

The total amount needed to create the series is $16,753 inc. gst rounded down to $16,500. Discounted technical assistance will be provided by Play27 Media, yet Phil Dye will be responsible for all production, recording and most editing. Talent suitable to each age group has been sought with many children and teenagers wanting to be involved. Budget details are:

  • Studio production costs: $1,100 per episode = $13,200 + gst made up of:
    ⇒ Phil Dye will be paid $450 + gst a week (via an ABN) for 12 weeks to produce, present and partially edit the series. Each episode will take approximately 50 hours to complete.
    ⇒ P
    roduction assistance will be limited to $250 + gst per episode
    Play27 Media will create and add stings, effects, and professional rendering with a limit of $320 + gst per episode.
    Travel costs for guests (Uber or Ola only): $80 + gst per episode
  • Social media video for teacher awareness: $500 + gst
  • Facebook advertising to teachers: $400 + gst
  • Graphic and set design: $400 + gst
  • Contingency of 5% = $730

$15,230 + gst of $1,523.00 = Total inc gst of $16,753 (rounded down to $16,500). Any money left over post production will go towards a 2nd series OR donated to The Brain Foundation.

Your support
The series can’t be made without help from donors. This could be $10 or $50. Anything will do. Please help by contributing to the campaign and support brain education in Australian schools. Click HERE to support The Noggin.