MINDZ people

Phil Dye – Founder – NSW_mg_0569-2

Phil is the founder of Mindz Brainplay. He is a science communicator and educator previously in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of NSW.

As a teacher and science communicator he has won national awards for his work including the Golden Target Award for his science communication programs.

Phil’s concept is to take neuroscience to the streets and Mindz Brainplay is doing just that in an educational and fun way. In October 2016, Phil was a delegate to the TEDx San Francisco conference on innovation in science.

Ashley Weir – Presenter NSW

Ashley is a UNSW Advanced Science student majoring in pathology. She has a love for the medical sciences and an intense interest in human anatomy and neuroscience. Her main research is in the mechanisms of cancer metabolism. Alongside this passion, her interests include any movie starring Michael Fassbender and drinking coffee.

Arsh Sahid – Presenter NSW

Arshman Sahid is a science student double majoring in neuroscience and pharmacology at UNSW. He has a love for teaching and is a sought after HSC science and maths tutor. When he is not thinking or talking about brains he is probably going for a run!

Adamadam Austin – Scientific Advisor

Adam Austin is a Bachelor of Medical Science with 1st Class Honours from UNSW. Adam has oversight of the science behind Mindz, a science that is constantly evolving as we learn more about the human brain.

Taking neuroscience to the street