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Dogs and brainwaves

During Neuroscience in the Pub on November 7, we put the EEG on Albert – a friendly and very patient 3-year old Groodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle) . 20161107_191401
Getting a signal through all that fur wasn’t easy but he eventually stood still long enough for quite a solid signal to register on our brain visualiser.
The result? Albert had brainwaves the same as we do yet not every type of brainwave was evident. Albert showed lots of Theta waves (brown/orange) which is a very relaxed and quiet, focused wave in humans. He had a tiny amount of beta (pink – concentration) and some Gamma (white – excitement). Mainly though, Albert showed waves within the 4-7Hz range depicting deep focus – almost meditative. See the video by clicking HERE.

Albert's brain. Lots of brown (theta) shows a fairly relaxed pup
Albert’s brain. Lots of brown (theta) shows a fairly relaxed pup

However, these brainwave interpretations are for humans – not dogs. It’s a long stretch to interpret canine brainwaves using the same system. Or is it?
Stanley Coren, a behaviorist from the University of British Columbia has spent years researching doggie brainwaves and emotions. His conclusion is that canine brainwaves are very similar to humans and their brain displays the same chemical reactions ours do. Read the full article HERE.
Thanks to Sam and Rochelle for bringing Albert in for his brain scan and we believe Albert will be leading workshops in meditation technique soon.

See inside your mind

View the incredible electrical network that makes up your mind at work. We provide you with an analysis of your brainwaves … Then, send the full colour image of your brain to your email/mobile phone to show friends or share on the social platform of your choice.
It’s safe, colorful and uniquely yours!

Mind control in gaming

The MINDZ challenge involves players learning to activate gaming characters using only the power of their mind. There are no hands, no pressing of buttons or use of a controller. Just the power of your thoughts.20160212_193414
The game involves loading and shooting fireballs at your opponent. The player who manages to reload and shoot fastest using their selection of thoughts wins.
You can play against others or play against our system. It’s up to you. Whatever the case, gaming will never be the same.