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The creator and administrator of Mindz Brainplay - a first for Australia and the first to take neuro-science to the street, the pub or your lounge-room.

Dinner parties

MINDZ is an ideal addition to a dinner party or small party event. The experience doesn’t impact on space or planned musical entertainment. It’s a simple addition with an ultra-hi-impact on guests.

Each person trying MINDZ at a party will have the complete Mindz experience plus receive an image of their brain activity emailed or texted to them on the night. EMAIL us with any questions.

*** In large parties, we can’t guarantee that every individual will get the chance to experience MINDZ. If one operator and system is used, we can only guarantee up to 14 users in a three hour period. Two systems will double user numbers.

See inside your mind

View the incredible electrical network that makes up your mind at work. We provide you with an analysis of your brainwaves … Then, send the full colour image of your brain to your email/mobile phone to show friends or share on the social platform of your choice.

It’s safe, colorful and uniquely yours!

Mind control in gaming

The MINDZ challenge involves players learning to activate gaming characters using only the power of their mind. There are no hands, no pressing of buttons or use of a controller. Just the power of your thoughts.20160212_193414

The game involves loading and shooting fireballs at your opponent. The player who manages to reload and shoot fastest using their selection of thoughts wins.

You can play against others or play against our system. It’s up to you. Whatever the case, gaming will never be the same.