Brain research for educators

There’s far too much research happening to cover it all. However, here’s some summary points and links. We try to choose plain-English interpretations of scientific research. A couple aren’t education based, but relevant for teachers personally..

  • Run, jump, learn: A Ted talk from Dr John Ratey. Click HERE
  • Inside the Learning Brain – Seven years old but extremely relevant: Click HERE
  • What’s happening in the adolescent brain: Click HERE
  • School-based proof on exercise and the learning brain: Click HERE
  • Neurogenesis research: Click HERE
  • Escaping the multi-modular brain state (important for teachers): Click HERE
  • Exercise and the brain: Click HERE
  • Micro-dosing and mood: Click HERE
  • Left and right brains?: Click HERE
  • Brain function and learning: Click HERE
  • Theta and learning: Click HERE
  • Psychedelics and brain reset: Click HERE
  • Herpes and the link with Alzheimer’s: Click HERE
  • A complex, peer-reviewed journal article debunking old left and right brain thinking: Click HERE


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