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Experiences post-lockdown

Updated May 28, 2020
The following information is regarding Mindz public, private or corporate Experiences for the remainder of 2020.
This may change according to Government advice.

Public experiences – Surry Hills and Blue Mountains

  1. Public experiences in either Sydney or the Blue Mountains will re-commence on July 1, 2020.
  2.  Social distancing will apply and groups will be limited to 4 people.
  3. The facilitator will wear a face-mask when fitting a headset to guests.  Hand sanitizer will be used before each fitting.
  4. Sydney (Surry Hills) bookings can be made HERE.
  5. Blue Mountains bookings can be made HERE.

Private, Family and Corporate experiences

  1. Family and private groups are limited to 6 people.
  2. Corporate groups are unlimited.
  3. The facilitator will wear a face-mask when fitting a headset to any participant.
  4. The facilitator will use hand sanitizer before each fitting.
  5. For corporate events, the presentation area must be 3 metres from the front row of the audience.
  6. Bookings or inquiries for private or family experiences can be made HERE.
  7. Bookings or inquiries for corporate experiences can be made HERE.

Mindz Experiences in Sydney Top 10

It took us just over a year but the Sydney ‘Journey inside your Brain’ Experience has been ranked by AirBnb as number 7 in the top 10 Sydney Experiences.

Our experience differs greatly from other experiences in that it doesn’t showcase the beauty of Sydney or give a ‘physical’ experience like bush-walking, snorkeling or kayaking. It does take guests inside a 19th century Aussie pub for the experience and guests do love the irony of exploring their brain while having a beer!

We find 50% of our guests are locals or interstate visitors who want something a bit different or who are just interested in health, mindfulness and what makes them tick.

So far we’ve had 650 guests and over 200 5-star reviews. Special thanks to the AirBnB people for taking the risk on our ‘totally different’ experience and the hundreds of guests who’s stories and sense of humour never cease to amaze me.

Sydney Experience Host

About Phil Dye

Phil Dye began his career as a primary school teacher on the South Coast of NSW. He then went on to teach secondary school music and during that time, founded 2UUU-FM, an FM radio station designed to provide a community voice for the people of the Shoalhaven. 2UUU still broadcasts today.

After 20 years of teaching, he retrained in Communication Management specializing in science and medical communication. Phil worked for the NSW Blood Service and the Australian Bone Marrow Registry before eventually becoming the Communication Manager for the Australian Organ Donation and Transplantation Service (ACCORD). In this role he was the winner of the Golden Target Award for his community communication programs around organ donation.

Yes, body parts!

He went on to lecture in Communication at the University of Technology Sydney and in 1998, wrote  ‘The Father Lode’, published by Allen and Unwin. The book looked at the psychological impact on men of becoming a new dad.

It was loved by some and hated by others. The book sold out in the UK and Australia and still pops up on eBook sites. He has written two other books since on business and media.

Between 2011 and 2013, Phil worked with people with extreme disabilities. These were people who had up to 80 seizures a day or had never experienced a voluntary movement in their life. Music therapy played a dominant part of that work and began his interest in the brain.

In 2014 he became an educator in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of NSW. His role was to make complex concepts simple and use plain English to teach everyone from school aged children to visiting overseas medical delegations.

One of the concepts he explained was the use of the Deep Brain Implant to treat conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy. This further seeded his fascination with the brain and led him to create Mindz Brainplay – the first concept to take neuroscience out of the lab and into the schools, pubs, nightclubs and boardrooms.

As well as all of this, Phil led a double life as a musician and entertainer. Playing his first paid gig at age 14, he went on to perform with names such as Dame Edna Everage, The Bushwackers and Eric Bogle. He sung to the Royal Family and Margaret Thatcher at the launch of Australian wines into the UK market and has released four albums – now available on all streaming services.

His one mild ‘hit’, The Bum and Poo Song, written in 2000, is still popular with parents and children. Deeper Well from the ‘Water’ collection can be heard on YouTube HERE.