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Fact or Fallacy?

An Investigating Science Research Session

♦ Does listening to heavy metal music really stop relaxation?
♦ Does chocolate really help you feel good and calm down?
♦ Is laughter really the best medicine?

By using our EEG headsets, students investigate whether these beliefs are actually true, partially true or completely false. We provide the headsets, the guidance and the worksheets while students undertake a 90 minute group investigation where all members get to use the equipment and have their brain analyzed.

Groups also look at the variables involved, the validity and the ways the experiments could be improved. They will also individually look at the relevance of their investigation for society and do a short quiz so you can see their level of engagement.

Sessions limits
We can take up to 25 students in a session and as group experimentation is involved, a reasonable space should be set aside so that the activity from groups doesn’t disrupt others.

The cost of the session is $380 – less if booked as part of a full-day incursion. We need 75 minutes prior to the session to set up headsets and laptops. All headsets, headphones, and up to 2 x laptops are supplied.

For the full description of all session outlines including Fact or Fallacy, click HERE
To inquire or make a booking click HERE

NSW Schools Incursion inquiry form

NSW School Booking / Inquiry form
Please provide two email addresses and two preferred dates for the incursion. Completing this form does NOT constitute a confirmed booking and there is no obligation. Thank you.
We'll CC our reply to this alternate email in case the email to your DET address goes to spam. We've had this issue in the past.
This is the content focus and year groups that we would be working with. You may have 1 x single group or several different groups during the day. We'll email or call you with an exact quote within 24 hours.




Years 7-10 STEM

Immersive, innovative, motivational education

For an outline of our sessions according to stage, click HERE
For costs and syllabus points (NS W), click HERE.

Mindz Brainplay is the perfect motivational session for schools wanting to build their years 7-10 focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Some Stage 4 and 5 syllabus documentation includes:

* Stages 4 & 5: Working Scientifically
* Stages 4 & 5 Life Skills
Stages 4 & 5 Visual design (Wearable technologies)

We visit schools throughout Sydney and Regional Areas. Our lead presenters are all trained teachers while specialist presenters are advanced science university students with a specific interest in neuroscience and communication. All presenters have their Working with Children clearance.

They – the students themselves will be actively involved. THEY will use the headset. THEY will see inside THEIR brain and THEY will use their brain power to control gaming characters. They can even witness a ‘brain challenge’ between two students who only use their mind power to score points. It’s immersive, innovative, motivational education.

In practice
Our EEG headsets can be used to help disabled people undertake tasks they’ve never been able to do such as moving prosthetic limbs, driving their wheelchair independently or switching on the TV. Brain control of devices is no longer in the realm of science fiction, but is here right now. When students see this in action, an entire new20160213_193341 world opens up.

If teachers require an assessment of the students’ retention and understanding of key concepts used in the session, MINDZ BRAINPLAY can provide that. Using their own smartphones, tablets or laptops, students enter our ‘room’ in the Socrative App to complete either a short 10-minute or longer 20-minute quiz. A class spreadsheet and individual student reports are then emailed to the teacher at the end of the day.

We can offer large assembly hall productions or sessions for smaller year or class groups and guarantee an informative and entertaining session in whatever format is chosen.socrative

For more information or to ask about available dates, complete the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. Please check your spam/junk folder for our reply as some school email servers are interpreting the spelling of ‘Mindz’ as overseas spam.


Dogs and brainwaves

During Neuroscience in the Pub on November 7, we put the EEG on Albert – a friendly and very patient 3-year old Groodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle) . 20161107_191401

Getting a signal through all that fur wasn’t easy but he eventually stood still long enough for quite a solid signal to register on our brain visualiser.

The result? Albert had brainwaves the same as we do yet not every type of brainwave was evident. Albert showed lots of Theta waves (brown/orange) which is a very relaxed and quiet, focused wave in humans. He had a tiny amount of beta (pink – concentration) and some Gamma (white – excitement). Mainly though, Albert showed waves within the 4-7Hz range depicting deep focus – almost meditative. See the video by clicking HERE.

Albert's brain. Lots of brown (theta) shows a fairly relaxed pup
Albert’s brain. Lots of brown (theta) shows a fairly relaxed pup

However, these brainwave interpretations are for humans – not dogs. It’s a long stretch to interpret canine brainwaves using the same system. Or is it?

Stanley Coren, a behaviorist from the University of British Columbia has spent years researching doggie brainwaves and emotions. His conclusion is that canine brainwaves are very similar to humans and their brain displays the same chemical reactions ours do. Read the full article HERE.

Thanks to Sam and Rochelle for bringing Albert in for his brain scan and we believe Albert will be leading workshops in meditation technique soon.

Meditation made easy with MUSE

Firstly, we can’t buy the MUSE for any cheaper than you can, but if you buy by clicking a link from here we will earn a small commission. We have experience with MUSE, and recommend them because they are easy to use single purpose meditation helpers, not because of the small commission we make if you decide to buy something.

Why do we like the MUSE Headband?

Click the image above for more info
  1. It doesn’t promise the world. The science behind MUSE is simple but sound. It doesn’t over-promise to measure all brainwaves – just the waves in an overactive versus restful mind.
  2. The cost is comparatively reasonable. Our headsets and software are over $1200. At around $350 inc. delivery MUSE is not cheap but worth it for those struggling with relaxation.
  3. Simplicity of use. This is important for individuals trying to meditate more efficiently without being too techie.
  4. It has good scientific and user reviews. Click HERE for a scientific review or HERE for an Australian user review.

Overall, MUSE is a good meditation guide that provides end of meditation feedback without the fuss. We can’t buy this for any cheaper than you can so just click on the image above or simply visit InteraXon