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“Very interesting. Great experience for everyone in our group. Talked about it for hours after the session. Thanks Phil.”
Niki: Werombi – January 2022

“This was such a fantastic experience and educational to understand how my brain works. It has made me self aware of its activity and I know have new interest in learning more about it.  This is an absolute must for anyone wanting a fun experience with helpful advise for keeping the grey matter in tip top shape.”
Melissa – Sydney

“This was a great experience to learn about our brain and realize how some activities can affect it. Not only a very informative session but funny and enjoyable.”
Stephany – Sydney via Facebook

“Great. Students loved using the headsets to play. Awesome delivery.”
Dave Graham, Irrawang High School

“Was great fun. Really unique experience. Thanks!”
Shidan – Sydney

“Never done anything remotely close to this before and love to try new things each week. Great night. I take away from this, lots of new information and some hacks to help me with my studies Would so do this again and recommend to friends.”
Toni – Via Facebook

“A unique experience! It essentially changed my understanding and pre-assumptions on human brain and its structure. An exceptionally interesting experience and highly recommended.”
Mahtab – Melbourne

“I love how passionate you are about spreading such incredible knowledge and research about the brain in an easy to digest format. My friends and I enjoyed it a lot. Loved the games as well! Highly recommended.”
Shantelle – via Facebook

“I think it was a great program, totally worth my money. I learned a lot and I thought it was very fun and informative. I learned about all the different mental states and other things as well. I would recommend it to my friends as I think many people would enjoy it.”
Payton, Woonona High School

“Great! Loved proving the different brainwave patterns and how we can change them.”
Mary – Sydney via Facebook

“An absolutely incredible learning experience for students of all ages. Mindz Brainplay bring science alive with hands-on demonstrations and jaw dropping technologies. Highly recommended!”
Talia Hoffman, Moriah College

“We had the best time learning more about our brains. The session was very interactive, with a great agenda, and we left with a real appreciation for the science.”
Lakshi – Sydney

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