WA Year 5/6 STEM Incursions

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The Mindz STEM experience isn’t just for years 7-10.  Late primary school students can also gain an understanding of how their brain works, the fundamentals of mind control and the importance of brain health.

The experience integrates perfectly with the WA ACSHE081 and  098 outcomes . Our experience is that year 5/6 students are fully capable of understanding the concepts and being motivated by the Mindz experience.

As a matter of fact, students in years 5/6 are far better at using mind control and mind gaming than teenagers or adults.


Years 5/6 differ from secondary groups in that MOST 5/6 students in the group want to have a try with one of the headsets. If required we can add a 60-75 minute ‘Mind Control’ session for the students who did not get to be ‘demonstrators’. This will let students (up to 25) use the headset to see their brain activity.

We visit schools throughout WA Our lead presenters are either all trained teachers or specialist science educators. All presenters have their Working with Children clearance.

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Taking neuroscience to the street