Private experiences

An ‘At-Home’ private experience is a session for you, your family or friends at YOUR home or accommodation. It means everyone in the group will engage in EVERY part of the brain journey in the privacy of your own environment. No one misses out on anything.

Private groups can be up to 8 guests and every guest over 16 years must be fully vaccinated against covid-19.

Session duration will differ according to the number of participants yet roughly 2.5 – 3  hours should be set aside. I simply plug into the HDMI port of your TV.

The price will vary according to location, yet a price guide is:

  • Couple:  $280 – $380
  • Family or group of up to 6 people:  $470 – $650
  • Dinner party or group of up to 8 people  – $700 – $850

Inquire about your ‘At-Home’ private family or group session by completing the form below.

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