Many have asked me about Nootropics. I became interested in Nootropics during my time teaching at UNSW as some academics were experimenting with them. My interest returned lately due to the recurring incidence of dementia in my family.

For those new to the concept, a Nootropic is a chemical or blend of chemicals aimed at assisting aspects of brain function. Other names for Nootropics include ‘smart drugs’ or ‘cognitive enhancers’. Really they are vitamins for the brain.

However, the business of Nootropics is new and many drugs have little scientific evidence to back them up. Be careful.

Where to buy
The USA and Europe are way ahead of Australia when it comes to Nootropics. Aussie companies are limited in the amount of active ingredient they can include yet we will catch up soon.

At present, Australian residents need to buy most Nootropics from the USA or Europe and pay the import price. Some Nootropics, like quality CBD, need to come via a mail forwarding service like USGoBuy.

It provides you with a USA mail address. Your order will be mailed there and then forwarded to you. We suggest it for all US based orders as you can choose the ‘free US shipping option’ for your order and pay a lower price from the mail service to you.

The Research
Most Nootropics are tested on healthy individuals wanting cognitive improvement and show very little effect. However, according to scientific evidence, some Nootropics do have strong benefits for certain individuals with specific conditions.  These conditions include:

  • Memory loss in older people (Alzheimer’s)
  • Stroke induced loss
  • Concentration, attention and psycho-motor performance decline

The Nootropics recommended on the linked pages all have research based scientific evidence. As more research is conducted with other drugs, I’ll add them to the list. Here’s the quick links…
Citicholine for dementia and memory issues (this is good)
Phosphatidylserine for age related memory loss
CBD – Cannabinoid  for pain and anxiety
Lion’s Mane Mushroom for dementia protection and nerve repair

If you wanted to browse a range of Nootropics, I prefer the US-based ‘Pure Nootropics’ as it provides links to research papers for most of their products. However, check the research and consult your doctor or pharmacist for more info if you’re unsure.

For transparency…
The drugs discussed aren’t sold by Mindz Brainplay, but by companies that have solid ethical credentials. Mindz will make a dollar or two if you decide to buy something. You however, pay no more for the product.

















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