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Mindz Brainplay is Australia’s only brain experience and education business and we need partners to run their own business in Canberra or Hobart. It’s fun, flexible & profitable. Mindz already runs in Sydney and Perth.

Why Canberra or Hobart?
The visitor profile of those taking the Mindz ‘Brain Journey Experience’ in Sydney (see HERE) exactly matches the profile of those visiting MONA (Hobart) or Questacon (Canberra).  These two cities are likely to be extremely profitable for the business owners. It is also possible to service most schools in these cities for those buying the ‘Schools’ division.

It looks complex, yet all training is provided at your location. While there are processes and IP in running the divisions, a business owner can also add their own flavor and individuality to the product.

What does it involve?
Mindz is divided into two divisions which are sold separately.

1. Experiences & Corporate (see tabs above.)
This includes the popular AirBnB Experience
. It mainly involves giving the Mindz experience to small groups who book via AirBnB, our own platform or our corporate link. We provide all training, yet the applicant should have:
⇒ Great people and communication skills
⇒ An interest in the brain and what makes us tick
⇒ A passion to inspire others
⇒ A sense of humour

2. Schools (see tabs above)
This involves providing incursion into schools. These visits range from single sessions (55-90 minutes depending on grade) to 4 x sessions in a day. Again, all training is provided, yet you need to be a teacher with a current teaching qualification (early childhood, junior or senior) and a Working with Children Clearance. A teacher could own and run BOTH divisions if desired.

Flexible part or full time
The business suits an individual, couple or group who want to be their own boss while having an income with a part or full-time commitment. It also suits those who want flexible work hours.

Whatever your past industry and whatever division interests you, an interest in the brain and a passion to inspire others is important.

Home office
You do not need an office or storefront. All school / corporate presentations and experiences are offsite.

The divisions are priced to ensure the initial investment is recoverable within 4-6 months (P/T) or 2-4 months (F/T).  Financials for the past 12 months are available. As a guide, working one-day per week (8 hours) would produce income of $37-43k and profit of $30-35k

For more information on the Canberra or Hobart businesses, complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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The Experience and Corporate division covers general experiences, AirBnB Experiences and Corporate sessions. This often involves work after hours yet not after 8pm The Schools Division only presents in Schools.

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