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The EMOTIV Epoc+ Headsets (14 sensor)

The 14 sensor headsets we use in our sessions are ‘Series 1’ and we have recently purchased the only remaining ‘Epoc Series 1’ models available.
The ‘Series 2 Epoc+ ‘ headsets are terrific for more advanced research and brain-computer interface applications. More information on purchases coming before June 2017.

Neurosky Mindwave Mobile

For personal or educational use, we also recom10465_neurosky_mindwave_mobile_3mend the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset. At less than $150, it’s a robust introductory unit at a great price. We also have a special Teachers Only deal where we’ll supply and deliver to your school for $125. Click HERE for more info or to purchase.

Muse Brain Sensing Headband

For enhanced meditation use, we recommend the MUSE Brain Sensing Headband. It’s more expensive that the NeuroSky MindWave pack yet is specifically designed for use in meditation. Click HERE for more info or to purchase.

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