Emotiv Epoc+ Headset

Emotiv Epoc+
The EMOTIV EPOC+ is a 14 channel wireless EEG, designed for advanced brain computer interface (BCI) applications.

It is the latest generation of Emotiv Headsets. The software needed to run this is the Emotiv Xavier Control Panel which is free (V 3.3.3) from Emotiv. This is a brand new unit. Here is the description from the Emotiv site...

The award-winning EMOTIV EPOC+ 14 channel mobile EEG is designed for scalable & contextual human brain research & advanced brain-computer interface applications & provides access to professional grade brain data with a quick & easy to use design. Access high-quality raw EEG data with a PRO license or conduct research leveraging our detections for mental commands, performance metrics or facial expressions.

The price from the USA is $799US + postage ($1126AU + postage). Our price is $989AU including postage (Australia only)

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