Gift Certificates – Sydney

We can provide you with a ‘MIND JOURNEY’ gift certificate for a birthday, wedding, anniversary  or any special occasion.  Certificates are for our 2.5-hour Sydney small group experiences.

You pay $69.00 per person.
The experience includes all the Mindz components:
→ Looking inside their brain at their neurons firing
→ Playing a game using their mind to move the characters
→ Seeing how their brain works after stimuli
→ Checking your meditation skills
→ A drink, snacks and lots of fun

This is one of the highest ranking experiences in Sydney on the AirBnB ratings page. Safe, informative and fun. The recipient should be over 10 years of age and if so, be accompanied by an adult. We can take children aged 6 upwards with prior discussion.

When the receiver wants to redeem their certificate, they check our session availability by going to our booking page. They then enter the certificate code in the checkout when choosing the date.

All of this information is on the gift certificate.

We add new dates for the following month on the 15th of the month before.

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