Neurosky MindWave RF version (best for schools)

Neurosky MindWave RF Version

WINDOWS ONLY - not compatible with Mac or mobile devices.

BEST FOR SCHOOLS or individuals using a PC


The RF (Sichiray) version uses RF or radio frequency. It doesn't use Bluetooth, but has a small USB dongle you plug into a laptop or desktop (PC Only).

We think it's best for schools or individuals as there's no Bluetooth interference and no pairing involved. It's also much cheaper than the Bluetooth Neurosky Mobile Mindwave II which has doubled in price since December 2019.
WARNING: The 2019 Neurosky Mindwave Mobile II Bluetooth version has received terrible reviews and we refuse to sell it. While available through Amazon, we don't recommend it.

Why do we like the Sichiray RF version?

Besides being robust, affordable and easy to use, there is NO PAIRING as with the Bluetooth version. It also means therimages456e is no cross-Bluetooth interference. This makes it easier for schools to use in presentations or in multiple use scenarios eg: 10 students in a computer lab.

The headset measures brainwaves (Delta through to Gamma) while also indicating attention and meditative states. It's ideal for students or groups wanting to know more about their brainwaves.

For teachers?
As Bluetooth signals can interfere with each other, we prefer this version for schools or where only a Windows based laptop or desktop will be used.

The headset comes with a dongle and Apps are downloaded for free from NeuroSky.  We've have had NO maintenance issues with this Sichiray headset. We've also had far better launch consistency than with the Bluetooth version.

Our Price?
We sell this for $238.80 + $15.50 postage anywhere in Australia. Total $254.30 inc. gst. We also supply free teacher's resources which includes, instructions, experiments and activities.

AU$15.50 (shipping)
Total: AU$254.30
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