MUSE Brain Sensing Headband

Firstly, we can’t buy the MUSE for any cheaper than you can, but if you buy by clicking a link from here we will earn a small commission that helps keep this website running. You don’t pay any extra. We have experience with MUSE, and recommend them because they are easy to use single purpose meditation helpers, not because of the small commission we make if you decide to buy something.

Why do we like the MUSE Headband?

  1. It doesn’t promise the world. The science behind MUSE is simple but sound. It doesn’t over-promise with complicated visuals and keeps things simple.
    Click for the AU MUSE site
  2. The cost is comparatively reasonable. Our headsets are over $1900 – too expensive for solo meditation.  MUSE has a range of products starting at less than $400 that are worth it for those struggling with relaxation.
  3. Simplicity of use. This is important for individuals trying to meditate more efficiently without being too techie.
  4. It has good scientific and user reviews. Click HERE or HERE

Overall, MUSE is a good meditation guide that provides end of meditation feedback without the fuss. We can’t buy this for any cheaper than you can so just click on the image above or simply visit the store here.

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