NSW Years 3/4 STEM

From 2019, we offer Mindz incursions for years 3 & 4 students.

The year 3 and 4 sessions run for 50-55 minutes and include brain health,  brain function and brain challenges using our fully safe EEG headsets. NESA Outcome points covered are:

An exciting tool to demonstrate to students the power of their thoughts. They can learn how their brain responds to various stimulus as they play, focus, listen or meditate and build their concentration skills.”
Dottie Naszka,
Floraville Public School

ST2-4LW-S: (Living and non-living things)
(Common energy forms)

Our sessions make a terrific addition to any STEM or STEAM day held at school.

Controlling anger and frustration
Year 3-4 students will learn some basic neuroscience in simple language. They will start by learning about brain health and having a look inside their head using our fully safe EEGs.

The Glitter Jar brain

They will then look at what happens inside their brain when they get angry. We use the simple ‘Glitter Jar’ example and a fantastic short video by Julie and Josh Salzman to explain this. Students will then use an EEG to see how well they can relax (de-glitter) their brain. The ability to do this is vital in making better decisions in the playground, in class or at home.

The year 3-4 incursions will only be presented by the founder of Mindz Brainplay – Phil Dye, a trained K-6 teacher and musician.

Taking neuroscience to the street

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