What teachers say

About student sessions …
“An absolutely incredible learning experience for students of all ages. Mindz Brainplay bring science alive with hands-on demonstrations and jaw dropping technologies. Highly recommended!”
Talia Hoffman, Moriah College

“Educational, highly engaging.”
Susan Edwards, Nowra Christian College

“An interesting and enriching lesson that had students engaged. Extremely well presented.”
Daniel, Barker College

“The students were captivated when using the EEG.  Phil held their attention for the entire hour and was a wonderful teacher!”
KC, Redlands

“Overall the session was fantastic! Students learnt how to use the EEG headsets by actively participating in a number of different workshops. It was great to see all the students given the opportunity to carry out different activities and work together to test themselves.”
Holly Cohen: Psychology, Woonona High School

“Highly engaging!”
Laura Mills, Nowra High School

“The general ideas around brain function and production of brain waves gave a new dimension of understanding and interest.”
Cameron Dearn, Barker College

Phil was excellent with our students. The activities were well paced and very well explained and conducted.
Sean: Woodberry Learning Centre

“Mindz presented an extremely engaging and user-friendly workshop that allowed students to explore the working scientifically outcomes of the new Stage 6 science syllabuses, by first performing and then designing their own experiments. Our students literally used their brains in new ways. A really valuable 3 hours!”
Gillian Shute – Hastings Secondary College Westport

“Phil was incredible with the children. He listened to their thinking and extended on their wonderings. Adding music to any session with young children is always amazing.”
Vanessa Finlayson,  Redlands

“Great. Students loved using the headsets to play. Awesome delivery.”
Dave Graham, Irrawang High School

“An exciting tool to demonstrate to students the power of their thoughts. Where they can learn how their brain responds to various stimulus as they play, focus, listen or meditate and build their concentration skills.”
Dottie Naszka, Floraville Public School

About teacher PD …
“This was the best and most engaging PL that I have ever attended. Lots of useful information and activities”
Namadji School – ACT

“It was a great experience that provided some engaging practical activities that I am already looking at including in my programming. It was presented exceptionally well and provided some great example activities to get started on.”
Christopher Burke, Homebush Boys HS

“It was really interesting to learn about the different brain waves and how this connects to learning. The benefits of “sweaty activity” pre-learning and the resources for helping drop the students into the learning zone will be directly applicable”
Namadji School – ACT

“I learned a lot about my own brain in a very short time and appreciate the support shown during the activities. I will be able to consider a number of strategies shown during the PD and eventually implement them in my teaching.”
Singleton High School

“I immediately used the technology within my classroom and found multiple ways to improve student understanding of typically theoretical focused lessons. Students were able to demonstrate a greater understanding of the underlying concepts in assessment data with specific reference to the technology.”
Anonymous: BehaveAbility Conference Siem Reap Cambodia

“Phil’s presentation was excellent, deeply engaging and he was clearly a skilled science communicator who had thought carefully about his audience and made it accessible and interactive. I learned a lot of new information and was glad to see that it was modern neuroscience that was well informed by research. He was knowledgeable and approachable resulting in a very enjoyable PD”.
Namadji School – ACT






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