What students say

The MINDZ incursion was very informative and the presenter showed the information in a way that was easy to understand and contemplate. It also taught us things that we could use in everyday life.
Conor: St Catherines Singleton

It was an amazing experience. I didn’t know what neutrons were until now and It is fun because you can play a game using your brain. I would recommend this to all my friends at other schools.
Jonah, Moriah College

I think it was a great program, totally worth my money. I learned a lot and I thought it was very fun and informative. I learned about all the different mental states and other things as well. I would recommend it to my friends as I think many people would enjoy it.
Payton, Woonona High School

I thought that Mindz Brainplay was highly informative and fascinating. I learnt about certain aspects of the brain, such as the neuron, axon and dendrites. I would certainly recommend it to students at other schools, so they can have the same great learning experience.
George, Green Point Christian College

It was great. I learnt about neurons and the power of the brain. Other schools would like it.
Tom, Macarthur Anglican School

Taking neuroscience to the street