Stage 6 Working Scientifically

NSW Stage 6 Working Scientifically

Mindz will guide classes through a 90-120 minute scientific exploration using EEG headsets we provide (up to 2).

The session is based around group scientific investigation, not lecture and presentation. After a 15 minute introduction, students will design an investigation and then collect, analyse and evaluate data following scientific method. They will then communicate this information to a specific audience.

For those new to science
If you have students new to the sciences, designing their own research project can be daunting. We offer an additional ‘practice session’ where students are guided through a research task using scientific method and our EEGs. This is a very step by step session which may not be suitable for advanced science students.

Outcome Points: (relevant to all the sciences)
11/12-1, 11/12-3, 12-5, 1/12-6, 12-7, 11/12-2,

Group size: We can cater for up to 20 students in a research session. However, we only supply 2 x headsets and 2 x laptops for up to 10 students to use. Schools with more than 10 students in the session need to provide laptops or tablets for extra groups. They will  also need to purchase 1 x headset per extra group at the cost of $214. We provide training and notes on their use. Most schools find these invaluable for use in further investigation or teaching students how to find their ‘learning state’.

For costs, syllabus points and extra detail, click HERE.

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