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New brain research

New brain research is added every month. The research is usually not the original scientific papers, but plain-English discussions of the research from media, academia, government and health organizations.

March 2022
What does reading from a screen do to your brain?
BBC News: Click HERE

February 2022
What happens when a patient being assessed with an EEG dies during the test? What does the EEG brain readings tell us about dying?
BBC News: Click HERE

January 2022
The flow state and Nootropics
Pure Nootropics: Click HERE

December 2021
New simple brain-wave test may detect early signs of Alzheimer’s
BBC News: Click HERE

July 2021a
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. How it works and why Australians should care.
ABC News: Click HERE

July 2021b
Hallucinogens and their growing use in Australian brain therapy
ABC News: Click HERE

June 2021
Rebellious workers: Why their thinking is important
BBC Creativity: Click HERE

May 2021
Screen time and children’s brain development.

April 2021
Detect early signs of dementia through a driving test? Yes!
Neuroscience News: Click HERE

March 2021
Vitamin A found to help those pesky dendrites!
Science Daily: Click HERE

February 2021
Using immune cells to repair brain tissue post stroke
Brain Research UK: Click HERE

January  2021
Flight, fight – or – faint. Why we have different responses to fear
The Conversation:  Click HERE

December 2020
How screen time alters the brain of a child
BBC Future: Click HERE

November 2020 (a)
Our neurons are far more powerful than we thought
Gizmodo: Click HERE

November 2020 (b)
Does Mindfulness help you to not sweat the small stuff? Seemingly not!
Science Daily: Click HERE

October 2020 (a)
The amazing activation speed of Dopamine and Serotonin
Science Daily: Click HERE

October 2020 (b)
Elon Musk and Gertrude the pig
BBC Science: Click HERE

September 2020 (a)
Binge drinkers lack empathy
Science Daily: Click HERE

September 2020 (b)
Exercise helps learning and memory in young adults,. Something we’ve been saying for years. Here’s more research for the unbelievers.
Neuroscience News: Click HERE

August 2020 (b)
Sports head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)
Brain Facts.org: Click HERE

August 2020 (a)
How cognitive decline can be reversed: A targeted approach
Science Daily: Click HERE

July 2020 (a)
How Covid-19 is affecting the brain
The Guardian:
Click HERE

February 2020 (c)
Many ask us about Deep Brain Stimulation – a procedure we talk about in our experiences for those with Parkinson’s or Epilepsy. Here’s a simple, personal story.
BBC News:
Click HERE

February 2020 (b)
What’s happening in the adolescent brain?
Cambridge University:
Click HERE

February 2020 (a)
Weight training staves off Alzheimer’s: New Australian research
The ABC: Click HERE

January 2020 (c)
Can a regular sauna stave off dementia? It seems so!
Psychology Today:
Click HERE

January 2020 (b)
The newest research on blood pressure and dementia. A New Zealand first.
The NZ Herald:
Click HERE

January 2020 (a)
ADHD medicine and it’s impact on the brain. An interesting yet complex read for those effected by ADHD.
Science Daily:
Click HERE

December 2019(a)
The amazing work to map the bio-markers of disease using AI and automatically tell the brain to send in the army.
BBC Science: Click HERE

December 2019(b)
Humans grow new neurons well into their 90s
The Guardian Neuroscience: Click HERE

December 2019 (c)
The Lion’s Mane Mushroom reverses memory decline
US Library of Medicine: Click HERE

November 2019
The increasing similarity between Autism and Dementia.
Neuroscience news: Click HERE

October 2019 (a)
Theta and the link to learning and memory
American Assoc. Advancement of Science: Click HERE

October 2019 (b)
New Australian study links dementia to air pollution
Neura:  Click HERE

September 2019
Diagnosing dementia through walking patterns.
Science daily: Click HERE

August 2019
Does Multi-tasking exist?
BBC Science: Click HERE

July 2019 (a)
How to escape the multi-modular brain state created by modern work
BBC Science: Click HERE

July 2019 (b)
Alzheimer’s Disease explained simply
Live Science: Click HERE

July 2019 (c)
The future of brain-computer interfaces
BBC Science: Click HERE

June 2019
Artificial intelligence helping find active neurons
Duke University and Eureka Alert – Click HERE

May 2019
Neurogenesis and exercise in the treatment of Alzheimer’s?
Nature Journal – Click HERE

April 2019:
Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation show promise.
Science Daily – Click HERE

March 2019:
Gut bacteria and mental health: the evidence increases.
Nature Journal – Click HERE

February 2019:
Does Micro-dosing improve Mood and Performance?
Neuroscience News – Click HERE

And below is research from pre-2019

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