The Learning Brain

A summary of points from ‘Understanding The Learning Brain’, a professional development course for teachers by Phil Dye . For more about the presenter, click HERE.

  • Brain basics for teachers: Click HERE
  • Brain research for educators: Click HERE
  • Getting to the Learning Brain: Click HERE

The Neurosky or Sichiray Mindwave headset

Below are print guides for teachers on using the Mindwave headset in a classroom environment. I know teachers are busy, so if you prefer, watch this 5 minute video on fitting and using the headset.

  • Mindwave headset use 1 (an intro): Click HERE
  • Mindwave headset use 2 (understanding what you see) : Click HERE
  • Mindwave headset use 3 (using the graph & meters): Click HERE
  • Mindwave headset use 4 (activities & experiments): Click HERE

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Phone: 0412 678 179